About Tours Corfu

About Tours Corfu

If you have just entered our website you will be probably looking for a Corfu tour service and you have just picked the right one for you. Corfu is an island with numerous places to visit and admire for different kind of travelers. With the many years of experience and the professionalism of our company’s, our mini bus tour services will reward you for your choice.

   After many years of experience we have created different kind of  Corfu tours suitable for all  kind of visitors to our beautiful Corfu island in order to make your mini bus tour an unforgettable experience.


Private and small groups tours 

Our mini bus offers private and small groups tours, but we can even organize a bus tour if your group of people exceeds the number of 16 people. All the Corfu tours can be changed according to your preferences and we can even arrange a guide to follow you so that you get all the historical information for the places you will be visiting.

   Our mini bus Corfu tours are flexible to your preferences, unique with their visiting places, affordable with its prices and always on time following your time schedule.

    We welcome you and wishing you an unforgettable visit on Corfu island always at your services.

 Our mini bus private tours company has been created to satisfy even the strangest preferences and demands for a Corfu tour. We make sure that you will taste the Corfiot life style, making you feel like a local and not just as a visitor or a tourist.

The driver 

  The man you will first meet and will always be there for you, through your mini bus tour is your English speaking driver Spyros. You will be picked up at the entrance of your hotel or the main port if you are a cruise traveler, and through your tour you will be offered VIP services, in an air-conditioned, non-smoking environment, with a fridge and a TV and free drinking bottled water offered throughout your mini bus tour to keep you fresh.

    Each short, half day or all day tour can always be changed according to your preferences before or during your  Corfu tour. We are here always at your services to make your Corfu tour an unforgettable pleasant experience.